Monday, December 19, 2005

Weird Clive Lewisvic

This has been sticking around in my head for the last week and a half, so here goes.

Saw the movie version of Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe weekend before last, and younger brother came with. He's far more musically inclined than I, and a big Weird Al Yankovic fan (which his wife didn't find out until well into their relationship). Therefore, I shouldn't have been too surprised to hear him on the way out of the mall going "Narnia, Narnia!" to the tune of Gloria, upon which we started riffing with further lines such as "where it's always win-ter", and so on.

I asked Rob (who as I said is much more talented than I) to consider completing the spoof, but as I doubt he'll have time, I decided to tackle it myself. Without further ado...

Narnia (to the tune of Gloria)

Like to tell you ’bout our Lucy, you know she went around,
All ’bout the mansion from the turrets to the ground.
You know she went and found something special, all right,
She looked inside a war-drobe, she found there quite a sight.
And its name is n-a-r-n-i,

N-a-r-n-i-a narnia
N-a-r-n-i-a narnia
Where it's always Winter narnia
Where there are Talking Beasts, narnia
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.

We went around, played a game of hide'n seek, ha
Till Lucy hid inside the war-drobe, that's why she was first to see the light.
Goes a-pushin’ past the coats, then she goes on through the trees,
She found herself the door and then she found the other side,
Yeah an’ she found the lamp post's light,

N-a-r-n-i-a narnia
N-a-r-n-i-a narnia
Where we're gonna join the good fight narnia
Against the evil of the White Witch, narnia
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah,
Where we'll meet Aslan narnia
With whose might, we'll be saved narnia
By his right, be crowned.

I know I had to cheat on a couple of lines, and I could never sing it myself, but I know the way people sing this song they can rush a little where necessary to get things to sort of scan... feel free to comment or suggest further stanzas.

First Post, Last Word on the Da Vinci Code

Seeing previews of the movie version has brought up the spectre of the Da Vinci Code again, and I thought I would share what I thought was absolutely the funniest and most comprehensive trashing of DVC and Dan Brown's other book, Angels & Demons, I have seen to date. It's a thread of comments on the Making Light blog, which is great for the occasional check if you surf the Web *at all*. But first,

Caveats & Disclaimers: No, I haven't read _Code_ myself, so according to my usual standards for criticism, I suppose I haven't got any grounds for comment or even forwarding comment. Nor am I likely to read it in the near future, given the number of other books I *want* to read that are already on my shelves, once I'm back on my thyroid medication and able to concentrate for a couple hours consecutively once again. However, people keep mentioning the darn thing and arguing about it, so I'll share some reasons it's very, *very* low on my list.

1) From even the back cover synopsis, it seems like a rip off of Baigent et. al.'s _Holy Blood, Holy Grail_, of which I was already aware through the RPG-oriented writings of Ken Hite. So, I'd know the whole san greal/sang real twist going in, no real mystery for me (or you, either, now).

2) In the overall genre of conspiracy theory novels, I doubt anything'sgoing to top Umberto Eco's wonderful deconstruction of same from years back, _Foucalt's Pendulum_. Given a choice, I'll probably reread Eco -twice - before bothering with Brown.

3) Every time I hear a new snippet about the Dan Brown books, or public controversy over them, I hear something that makes them seem more... well, dumb. Please understand that I don't mean to say that anybody who *has* read and enjoyed them is dumb, although I might suspect some slight detuning of one's critical faculties while actually reading them. But please understand that this is not intended as a slam on anyone, other than possibly Dan Brown.

That said, here's the link for the discussion thread at Making Light.

Favorite quote:

My personal favorite is when the "renowned curator" is dying, and he's writing all these anagrams in his blood, and WALKING AROUND the museum to leave them all, and then, just as you think he's finally going to expire from shock and blood loss, decides to strip naked and contort himself into yet another "clue." I said to husband, "I just want you to know if I'm ever gut-shot, I'm planning on screaming, "Oww!" and expiring immediately."

That's all, folks,